Sunday, September 30, 2012

Frank and Derol

Frank and Derol are playing the Troubadour tomorrow night!  Its the first show on their tour with Wolfgang!

Greatest Fans EVER

This is so exciting!  I cant believe how many people are already reading my blog!  You guys really are amazing!     Now I just have to remember to keep it up!  haha


Noah and Comet


This weekend was completely dedicated to Noahs horse show!  It was a 3 day event and it was sooooo HOT!  ugghhhhh  

I love going to watch her ride and do what she loves, I just wish it wasn't so hot and dirty!  LOL

I have to say it was a pretty good weekend, lots of ups and downs in the ring for Noah but she ended the day by going in and KILLING IT on a really tough course!  So proud of her and her amazing pony Comet!  We should actually change his name to Saint Comet.  I swear that Pony is the most amazing Pony on the planet!  

Anyway,  not much else going on this weekend but we have a pretty crazy week ahead of us!

xo Tish

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Blog

Ive decided to start a blog so I can keep everyone updated with whats going on with the Cyrus family.   Fans are always asking questions about all the members of our family, so I thought I would started a blog to keep all the fans in the loop!

Not to mention,  give some truthful insight to the Rumor Milll!

xo Tish