Sunday, September 30, 2012


This weekend was completely dedicated to Noahs horse show!  It was a 3 day event and it was sooooo HOT!  ugghhhhh  

I love going to watch her ride and do what she loves, I just wish it wasn't so hot and dirty!  LOL

I have to say it was a pretty good weekend, lots of ups and downs in the ring for Noah but she ended the day by going in and KILLING IT on a really tough course!  So proud of her and her amazing pony Comet!  We should actually change his name to Saint Comet.  I swear that Pony is the most amazing Pony on the planet!  

Anyway,  not much else going on this weekend but we have a pretty crazy week ahead of us!

xo Tish


  1. im so happy for NOIE! Comet is so pretty!

  2. wow this is amazing! i'm very happy for her!!!!! @isadoracecilia follow me pleaseeeeee