Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde

Hey guys, just wanted to give you the scoop on the Bonnie and Clyde project.

Miley and I received the script for that project some time ago.  We both love the history of Bonnie and Clyde and also loved the script for the project.  I think for Miley, the idea of playing Bonnie would have been fun and challenging which is what you always look for in a character.  

All that to say, she was never confirmed to play the part of Bonnie, just in talks to do so if the timing was right and it could work around her music schedule.  Unfortunately, the project was delayed for some time and now she is in the middle of making music which has always been her first  priority.
Like they say.......timing is everything!!   

The good new is, if you want to see Miley on TV in the near future, just tune in to Two and a Half Men on October 18th!   

Blessings, Tish


  1. when will be come out The decisions video?

  2. when will be come out The decisions video? Please tell us, The mILEY launch DVD GYPSY HEART TOUR?

  3. there will be plenty of other opportunities.My Cassy idea is still there but no script.A sad story like Titanic.She could sing for the movie idea.Tune the movie an songs to her capabilities.Literary license.

  4. Tish everybody wants "The Big Bang The Movie".
    I can't wait to see a new movie projects of Miley.
    I need more Miley medicine. Hahahaha



  5. by god .. then I am proud of miley ... Call it the best year of miley! I love miley and to usteded!!! obliged to follow me on twitter @ mileycyrusjuli love dearly love their daughter, and I'm from Argentina, so I'm very proud of miley .. large projects!!!

  6. We love Miley doing whatever she wants! I think if she wants to make music, then go ahead! We love her, we love her voice, we love her acting, we love everything about her... so whatever she does we will love it. And... I can't wait for new Miley music! Much love from Argentina! (We want Miley back here!)

  7. I'm excited to see 2.5 men, But in brazil gonna be soooooo much more late than in the uSA :(

  8. We're so excited to see Miley on Two and a Half Men. In Argentina the new season premieres on October 17th and the episode of Miley premieres on November 07th! Can't Wait!! We sending so much love to all the Cyrus Family from Argentina, we love you guys!!!

  9. Tish, thanks for letting us know about the status of Bonnie and Clyde. Looking forward to Miley's new music. I will definitely be watching her on Two and a Half Men next week.

  10. i loved this project! but now Miley is dedicating for new musics, this is so good!! We are soooooo excited for see Miley on Two and a Half Men in Brazil!
    Love u and Miley Tish! and all your family kk
    send a kiss for noah for me please, of Brazil kk :))

  11. omg omg I love miley cyrus .. kisses to the whole family cyrus .. i love you

  12. I hope miley accepted to do this project later, I'm glad she's focusing on the music now! @milesexyrus

  13. I'm so excited to see Miley on Two and a Half Men. And can't wait to see the music video 'Decisions'.
    Love, @mycyruslicious Have a nice day!