Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Morning

Hey guys, I have been so busy, I feel like I haven't even had time to sit down and update my blog!!

Anyway, October and November have been super busy the last few years because it brings the horse show season to a close.  November is a big month for Noah because it is end of year Medal Finals!
Lots of pressure, but also so much fun!  As you probably know, Noah just got a new horse named Con Man!  He is so beautiful, smart, talented, but most of all, the most lovable horse ever!  He lives to be loved on ALL the time!

The last 3 weekends have been crazy.  Not only is she showing her new Horse, but she is finishing the year up on her Large Pony Comet!  Not to brag,  (well kind of) they pretty much cleaned house at the last 3 horse shows!  They were year end series Champion in both of her divisions!  Needless to say, Im a proud Mamma!  Noah works so so hard, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She is at the barn every morning by 7:30 or 8:30 riding 2, sometimes 3 horses.  Her hard work has really paid off!  She has come so far in the two years she has been riding!

On to Brandi, SO GLAD TO HAVE HER HOME!!!   She and Codi,  Frank and Derol have been on the road touring with Wolf Gang for the past month.  It definitely wasn't easy most of the time.  Living in a van for 30 days with 15 hour drives between shows gets tough, but she loves playing music, so Im happy for her!  Make sure and get their EP if you haven't already, Its incredible!

Billy Ray is in NY preparing for his role as Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago! Opening night for him is Nov. 5th!   Needless to say, the past few days have been tough considering everything going on with SANDY on the East Coast!  Prayers out to everyone who have been affected by this crazy storm!!!

Trace is still working on Ashland High and getting ready to record new music and hopefully tour again very soon!  There is NO ONE that works harder than my baby boy!  He has NEVER asked me for help in any way since he was 17 years old. EVERYTHING he has ever done, he has done on his own!  I know all his determination, positive attitude, and drive will pay off!  He never ceases to amaze me.  He should have gone into marketing!  lol     He loves music and being on stage probably more than anyone I have ever known.  Please support him,  he has never ever given less than 110% of himself when it comes to his music and his career!

Braison just signed to the Whilimina Agency and has been doing photo shoots to get his portfolio completed.  He is just getting started, so hopefully he can start working soon!  He's playing music out and about in La with his band as well.  The band is Braison, Ryan and Mykee!  Check them out if you live in the area!

Miley is still in the studio working on her next album and has a new episode of Two and a Half Men airing November 8th and will be on Ellen November 7th so make sure and tune in.

Not sure if you guys know that I have a production company called HopeTown Entertainment.  We have so many amazing projects going on right now and I am so stoked about ALL of them!  Cant wait until I can share the details with all of you!  

Much Love........ Tish


  1. Tish please take care more of Miley, please.

  2. I´m soo excited for your amazing family. Cyrus are inspiration.

  3. So happy for you guys! i always will support you, cyrus family is my family too! blessings from mexico!


  4. Glad to know that you guys are all fine. And we are all praying for Billy and for everybody in NY :( Brazil loves Cyrus Family

  5. Love hearing about the kids!! I always looks for pics of Noie and her horses,horses are my life too. You have a right to be a proud mama! I'm proud of them too. I'be watched them grow up and feel like they are family. <3

  6. curti

  7. Is true of Jen Talarico no more work and broken the friendship w Miley?

  8. WOW that's amazing!
    Happy Halloween Tish! And the rest Cyrus Family!
    Love you!

  9. Tish, thanks for the update on the Cyrus Family's busy life. Noah is amazing with her horseback riding. Congratulations to her on her success. I was lucky enough to see Trace on his tour and Brandi (Frank + Derol) on her tour in Columbus. Both of them are making some great music. It is great to hear that Braison is alwo working on his music as well as modeling. I saw a couple of his photos & he is sure a handsome young man. Miley was so funny on Two and A Half Men. Looking forward to her next episode. She is a natural when it comes to comedy. Also, looking forward to her new album. Just saw Billy Ray on GMA and The View and he sounded and looked fantastic. In December, I am going to go to NYC to see him in "Chicago" with 20 other BRC fans. That is going to be awesome. Love his new CD "Change My Mind." It sounds like you have something special going on with your production company. Hope you can share it with us soon. Have a great weekend! Time to set our clocks back. Hooray, another hour of sleep.

  10. Tish, may I ask you one thing? I wanna ask ya what happened to Sophie, the dog that you gave to Miley on her 16th b-day. I really wanna know it. Thanks. (Brazil loves the Cyrus family! God blesses ya'll)