Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey Guys

Hey Guys,  just wanted to say hi and tell you guys what an amazing week we had on the Two and a Half Men set all last week!  I think the second time around was even better!!  The people on that set absolutely amaze me every day.  The entire cast and crew are the nicest people to work with.  You can really tell that everyone of them love what they do.  Not to mention the fact that John Cryer, Ashton, and Angus T. Jones are beyond talented.  After seeing the scene time after time, I find myself laughing at every single run thru.  It's just incredible.

So.... Brandi is out on tour now with Wolf Gang and we miss her like crazy, but Im glad she is finally getting to travel with Frank and Derol and do what she loves.  Such an exciting time in her life.

Noah of course is still riding everyday and is gearing up for all the year end medal finals.  I cant believe its the end of another year!  WOW   Dont know if I told you guys that she actually got a new horse because she is growing out of Comet.   She will finish the year on him and then move up next horse show season!   We love Comet so much and just couldn't bear to let him go, so we are leasing him out to one of Noahs good friends at the barn!  We will get to see him every single day and we love Dolce (noahs friend)  so much.  Hopefully, she will show Comet for 2 years and then he may go home to our farm in TN.  Comet is one of those special horses that just loves the show ring ,so Im happy we found someone to ride him for a bit longer!

Anyway,  Gotta go clean and run errands!  ugggggg

Blessings.  Tish


  1. wow, im so happy for Brandi and Noie! Frank and Derol its amazing i love they music!

    and cant wait for 2.5 men!
    (comet its so cute)

    xoxo - K

  2. love u momma t stay beautiful and good luck to brandi many blessing comming her way and ofcourse babygirl noah hope she does well <3 and ofcourse you stay blessed

  3. own, glad u had a great week, love u, sending love for u and the entire cyrus family, hugs for miley and u

  4. I love your family, I am smiler, I'm from Brazil.kisses....

  5. I'm soo happy for Brandi n' Noie. I'm a really good fan of Frank and Derol.
    I can't wait to see the new episodes of "Two and a Half Men".
    The Cyrus are talented ♥♥♥
    Spain loves you Tish

  6. I'm so happy for you and your family. I hope Comet be okay with Noah's friend. She's growing up so fast..
    And I'm sure Brandi will have great shows in her Tour.
    And Miley, I can't wait for see her in Two And A Half Men.. counting days.. She is so awesome like her sisters and brothers and her parents.
    With Much Love.

    @DaniielaaS :)

  7. We are delighted that the Cyrus girls them this doing so well. What about you, Billy, Braison and Trace? Hope you are fine, we love you all.
    Look our birthday present for Miley from the Latin American fans, is a donation for PETA:

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  9. I'm so happy for Brandi and Noie<3 And I can't wait for "Two and a half men"!! What about you, Billy, Trace and Braison? and how it was Justin's concert?
    I hope Frank And Derol will more famous and they will come to Spain cause I love their and their music!! :)



  10. I am looking forward to seeing Miley in the Two and a Half Men episodes. Great to hear it was a very enjoyable experience for you all. That's exciting that Brandi is now on tour. I already have my tickets to go see her in Columbus, OH on Oct. 20. My friend, Carol, is going with me. Noah is doing so great with her riding. What is her new horse's name? I am happy to hear that Comet will still be a part of her life. Have a great Sunday, Tish, and thanks for keeping us up to date.

  11. Hello Tish, I am Brazilian and I live in Paraná know that lifestyles are very different, and that the possibility of someone who lives in Los Angeles and someone who lives in Parana are one in a million, and the network thought Socias it would be easier touch, but I was wrong I follow you guys forever but never got a "HI" is it too much to ask a millisecond of their lives to make it happen, I know that time is short and sometimes think of giving up be a fan.

  12. follow me on twitter tish, please kisses Juli_Smiley

  13. I love the way you talking about your family's life:)

  14. I loooooooooooooooooooooove your blog Tish, it's is a way to aproximate us of your family! So cute. <3 @milesexyrus

  15. I'm so thankful because you created this blog, this is what fans wants, be very close to the Cyrus family. I love read your posts, hope you have a nice day :) @Mycyruslicious

  16. You are lucky! my week are normal !